What are Japanese universities like in regards to Work/Study-Life balances?

I am interested in hearing from International Students finishing their year abroad or even native Japanese students to ask a couple of questions about their year abroad in Japan or as a full time student respectively at a Japanese university that I will list. By November, I need to select my University for my year abroad in Japan, in which my degree is International Relations with Modern Languages (Japanese). I am interested in three main things: One: How hard do the following universities work you in comparison to your college or university or home country? Is getting part-time work achievable? Two: Are international connections good? E.g. International Student Circles etc. Three: What are travel opportunities like in these areas? The following universities I have to choose from: Akita International University Gakushuin University Hokkaido University International Christian University Kansai University Kobe University ( I understand that this is a women's college, however for the sake of it being in Kansai, I have kept it on the list) Meiji University Meiji Gakuin University Okayama University Ritsumeikan University Ryukoku University Sophia University Waseda University Yokohama National University Even if you weren't a student from these universities, at least you will be able to answer the other questions in regards to the international connections and travel opportunities in these regions. Many Regards.

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