Volunteering on your year abroad?

Does anybody have any experience of doing any volunteering whilst on their year abroad (studying at a Uni)? For example, charity shop volunteering. How did you get the volunteer role?

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  • Emma · 8 years ago

    Hi :)

    I volunteered in my free time in Spain whilst I was working there as a British Council assistant. I used the website www.hacesfalta.org which lists loads of charities looking for help, but a google search should also bring some up if you're going to another country. I then just sent around a load of emails, was invited to meet them at their office for a chat, then I was off! I ended up playing with kids in the city hospital one night a week, and then on another night running a social/cultural programme for refugees.

    I'd definitely recommend the experience as it shows you such a different side of the culture than you would experience with other students from your classes, and you'll be socialising with people who have no interest in learning English!

    Good luck!

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