Useful French phrasebooks?

I'm going to France for a few weeks and although I have a high level of French, I still feel that what I know is mostly based off textbooks. I want to find a phrasebook that will help me in day-to-day situations (shops, restaurants, transport) without making me sound like I'm using 18th century French. Therefore, I want one that uses up to date words and phrases; even better if it includes some slang! Thank you!

This question was asked by Oliver Ruiz from Newcastle University , asked on 14th June 2016 and has been read 1129 times.

  • Anonymous Answer · 5 years ago

    I recently picked up the 4th edition of Penguin's 'French Phrasebook' and I think it's perfect for what you're looking for! It covers every single situation you could find yourself in, especially shops/restaurants/travel.

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