Unhappy in my accommodation in Forli (Italy) but unsure what to do?

I'm on the first half of my year abroad studying in Forli in Italy but I'm feeling very unhappy in my accommodation. I live with 4 other girls and I share a room but I'm very very shy. I'm not sure if I just try and stick out the next couple of months or try and find somewhere else. And if I found somewhere else, I wouldn't even know who to ask or who to talk to. Does anyone have any advice or has anyone been in a similar situation?

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  • Amy Donegan · 6 years ago

    Hi, I had a similar experience in Spain where I was rushed into taking somewhere I didn't like with people I didn't feel comfortable around. I didn't even move in properly and I'm so glad I found somewhere else. I arranged to meet the landlord straight away and discuss my options. I offered to find another flat mate in the hope that I could get my deposit back. He agreed to this and though he didn't honour it I still have no regrets. It's so important to be comfortable where you live because you're away from home and all your family and friends, you will feel very isolated if you stay somewhere that's making you unhappy. I managed to find another English student on the university induction day and when I told her about my situation she introduced me to her landlord and I found a much nicer, friendlier flat almost straight away. I hope you get it all sorted, good luck! 

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