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Questions about studying and working abroad during your degree.

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What is the best way to cope with homesickness on your year abroad?

5 answers

I was wondering how people deal with feeling homesick whilst they are on their year abroad.

Could anybody advise me on whether to study or do a teaching assistantship on my year abroad?

0 answers

I'm very undecided about what I should do so I would be very grateful if anyone could give me the pros and cons of both teaching and studying abroad.

How much will my Visa to the University of North Florida cost?

1 answers

I am currently a first year student and I am planning to go a year abroad next year. I am not sure how much the VISA will cost to go to the University of North Florida. I would really appreciate any type of help. The website for the university is quite hard to understand.

Can you study abroad with no/little knowledge of the language?

3 answers

I can speak a bit of German so will be spending half of my year abroad there. However I also want to experience a different country for the second half of the year. Is this too difficult or can it be done?

Using a Spanish phone with a UK SIM card?

1 answers

I live in the UK and I'm going to Spain on holiday. I'm planning to get a mobile phone to use while I'm there and I was just wondering if I could get it unlocked to work with my uk sim card when I get home? Thanks for your help. Jo

What can I do about my mobile phone in Bologna and Geneva?

2 answers

I'm on a contract with EE which doesn't end until during my year abroad. I'm going to Bologna in Italy and then Geneva in Switzerland for my year abroad so I was wondering what advice there is about mobile phones? I was considering just getting an Italian pay as you go type SIM card in both Bologna and Geneva, are there any recommended companies? Or any other choices I have in regards to my mobile phone?

Cheap ways to transport stuff back home?

2 answers

I've gone a bit shopping mad on my year abroad and now have about double the stuff that I had when I arrived. What's the best way to get it all home? I can't afford to fly with it all (and can't carry it to the airport!).

Should I leave study abroad?

3 answers

I studied in Norway for my first semester and it was the best few months of my life but I've just arrived in Japan for my second semester abroad and I am so completely lost. I have never been to Asia before, don't speak Japanese and I'm so unfamiliar with everything. I literally got here four days ago and I know what everyone will say as a response to this - that I haven't given it enough time - but I know myself and I know it's not going to get better. I've decided that after a month if I am still not enjoying it I will leave at the start of May, but I was just wondering if anyone else on here has left before and what the potential consequences are? I am doing a 'sandwich' year and am due to go back to university in England in September.

Do you get your languages mixed up?

6 answers

Trying to decide whether to study Spanish and Portuguese or Spanish and English at uni. I'm worried that if I go for Spanish & Portuguese I'll end up getting really confused and won't improve as much as I would if I just focused on Spanish. I'm also worried about going to two countries on a year abroad. Does anyone have any advice??

Studying abroad with OCD?

2 answers

I am applying to uni to study a mfl and already I am worrying about the third year abroad. I have OCD and rely on my family a great deal for their support. I'm not sure I could manage my symptoms by myself in a strange country but I don't want my condition to stop me applying.