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Lightning Protection Installers

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Look for better quality adjustable computer desk online!

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Just wondering if anyone has studied in Flensburg and could tell me a bit about student life there?

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I'm currently investigating masters courses at the Europa Universität in Flensburg, however I'd never heard of Flensburg before and was just wondering if it's a quiet town or if there's enough to do and also what the university is like for international students?

Is it realistic for an Arabic speaker to do master's in Translation between English and French (not English and Arabic) ?

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would I find a place for me in the international organizations? Or all of them refuse translator into languages other than their mother tongue?

Is it difficult to rent/buy a car for your year abroad?

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I will be working in a small town near Milan, but I would really like to live in the city. It's not a great commute via public transport and would be really easy by car, but I'm not sure whether it's worth the hassle of trying to rent a car on a semi long-term basis. Has anyone done something similar?

Is it possible to change from a University course to a job or placement?

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I've signed up for two semesters at University in Spain but the worry about passing and attending classes are taking up so much of my time that I am barely practising Spanish or going out. I'm wondering if it's possible to find a job or placement for my second semester instead of going back to the university? And would this affect the Erasmus grant?

Can anyone recommend a travel insurance provider after surgery?

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I'm from the UK and looking for specific study abroad travel insurance. There are quite a few companies that offer it, but it's complicated by the fact that I had double jaw surgery four weeks ago as part of my orthodontic treatment. Many insurers won't cover emergency medical treatment that relates to an 'existing medical condition', which includes recent surgery. Does anyone have experience of buying travel insurance who has a medical condition or has had recent surgery? Were you able to extend your policy to cover it, or did you have to buy additional specific medical insurance?

Is going home for Christmas/Easter refreshing?

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At the moment, I'm torn between going home for Christmas or staying in Italy, and also for Easter (I'll be in Geneva then). Has anyone had experience of staying in their host country(s) for Christmas/Easter? Or is going home refreshing/useful?