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Tips for finding an apartment in Aix-en-Provence?

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I'm looking for an apartment in the centre of Aix with at least 3 bedrooms (I've found another two people to share with) but can't seem to find anything! Does anyone who's already been to Aix have any tips please?!

Studying at Geneva University?

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I'm soon going to be going to study at Geneva University for the second semester of my year abroad and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience of what it is like to study there?

Study in Germany

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Get full information about Universities in Germany for Indian Students Study in Germany without IELTS Get more info:

Small city in France to spend my year abroad?

7 answers

I'd really like to spend the year in France, preferably studying, but want to avoid the big cities (Paris, Marseille, Lyon etc.) as they seem quite impersonal and might be quite difficult to meet people. I want to find a much smaller city with friendly locals and an opportunity to get to know the WHOLE of the city really well! Any ideas?

Study in denmark

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Although most of the students who head out of the country for higher studies have the normal destinations like US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, there are countries in Europe, especially the Nordic countries which offer not just opportunities at par with the popular destinations but are far more pocket friendly.

Should I spend my year in France or Russia?

3 answers

For some reason or other, Glasgow Uni only allows Joint Honours students of Russian to spend either the third year abroad there, or 2-3 months in fourth year. However, if I decided to do my year in Russia, I would have about 6 months in France. I realise It seems obvious that I should spend the year in Russia as it will benefit my language skills more, but I won't lie, I am rather scared of spending a year in Tver!

Should I leave study abroad?

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I studied in Norway for my first semester and it was the best few months of my life but I've just arrived in Japan for my second semester abroad and I am so completely lost. I have never been to Asia before, don't speak Japanese and I'm so unfamiliar with everything. I literally got here four days ago and I know what everyone will say as a response to this - that I haven't given it enough time - but I know myself and I know it's not going to get better. I've decided that after a month if I am still not enjoying it I will leave at the start of May, but I was just wondering if anyone else on here has left before and what the potential consequences are? I am doing a 'sandwich' year and am due to go back to university in England in September.

PLEASE can someone explain CAF to me?

2 answers

What is the application system? Do you need a French bank account in order to apply? What other paperwork do you need?

Making mistakes abroad?

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How do you get over the fear of making mistakes whilst speaking? I'm very shy and not confident in speaking anyway but I'm kind of worried about making mistakes, especially in Italy speaking Italian which is a fairly new language for me.

Looking to study a Masters - how would a two-and-a-half-year study-gap be viewed by Universities in the US/Europe?

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Firstly - hello everyone! I'm completely new here, and am full of silly questions regarding studying abroad. Here we go... I'm a 24-year-old Geography (BSc) graduate from the University of Southampton - I graduated in 2013, and having had a little while away from study, have the real urge to follow Geography/Climate Studies at Masters level. Abroad. My question is - how would a two-and-a-half-year hiatus be viewed by Universities in the US & around Europe? Would I be at disadvantage due to a lack of consecutive study? If so, has anyone trodden the path, and have any advice? The discipline can be completely unrelated - I'm just looking for general opinion. Thanks in advance guys! Joe