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Questions about studying and working abroad during your degree.

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Writing a French and/or Italian CV?

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Does anybody have any advice with writing a CV in French and/or Italian? While I am studying abroad, I really want to get some work experience/voluntary work if I can, just to help my language skills more than anything, but I assume I'll need a CV in French and Italian? Does anyone have any tips in regards to writing a CV in French and/or Italian, please?

Where can I get an A1 form?

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I've been asked by my work placement to produce an A1 form to prove I'm still eligible for UK social security while I'm in France. Does anyone know how to get one as I'm having trouble finding anything about it.

Recommended rail passes?

1 answers

Can anybody recommend any European Rail Cards for Italy & Switzerland? Preferably as cheap as possible.

What kitchen stuff should I pack for my year abroad?

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My accommodation doesn’t provide me with any cooking utensils, cutlery or crockery, but I don’t want to waste space taking a load of pans, bowls and spoons across to France with me, and I don’t want to just see what I can find when I get there in case the answer is nothing! Any advice?

Volunteering on your year abroad?

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Does anybody have any experience of doing any volunteering whilst on their year abroad (studying at a Uni)? For example, charity shop volunteering. How did you get the volunteer role?

Volunteering in Geneva?

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I'm going to be studying at Geneva University next semester and I'm keen to do some work experience/voluntary work while I'm studying there, does anyone have experience of this and could recommend anywhere? Especially related to journalism/translation/interpreting/creative writing? Thank you.

Volunteering in Linguistic fields?

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Hi there. I am a 20 year old student who is returning to study after a two years abroad in South America. I am fluent in three languages and I will be commencing University in October 2015 to study Linguistics. In the meantime I am interested in developing and continuing my experiences in language related fields and in particular have been drawn to the idea of linguistics related research and studies. Is there anywhere that would allow me to volunteer to do this or something similar? Or any other projects/organisations I could become involved with? Thank you so much in advance!

Where can I get civil liability insurance?

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As part of my YA I will be working as an English Language Teacher at Valencia Uni, and I've been told that I need civil liability insurance. Apparently you can sort out this cover from the UK on English websites etc, but I'm really struggling to find any at all. Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

How do you tell if a friend has depression?

3 answers

I'm on a year abroad at the moment and I've got a group of friends here who are also on a year abroad. Most of us are having a great time but one is really miserable - she never wants to leave her flat, spends every evening on Skype with her family/boyfriend back home and is always crying. At first we thought it was just homesickness but she's been like this for months and almost didn't come back after Christmas. Is there something we should be doing??!

Can I come home at any time?

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I have always had issues with anxious/nervous feelings and it stops me from doing certain things. I’m going on a year abroad to Spain next year which I am dreading at the moment. Spanish isn’t my favourite subject and I’m going to be turning 21 while I’m there but can I come home for a couple of weeks to have a party etc since I’ll want to spend it with friends and family Or will I have to wait till Christmas holidays to come home? I am also worried that I’ll be lonely and everyone back home will forget about me, does anyone have any advice on this?