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Questions about studying and working abroad during your degree.

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What are the most common year abroad myths?

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We all know that people are full of misconceptions about the year abroad. What are the most common/funniest/strangest myths you've come across?

Do I have to get an A1 form?

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I am a part owner of a house in Portugal which is held in a company. My accountants are saying I must produce an A1 form otherwise the 'Company' will have to pay social security contributions Are they correct and is it because the house is held in a company?.I am a 71 year old pensioner and I have no earned income in either the UK or Portugal. The house is not rented out and I only use it for approx 12 weeks a year broken into separate holiday periods. I have sent the authorities proof of the fact that I receive a pension in the UK .

Best regions of Valencia to live in (12months) for a language assistant wanting a great, fun, social experience?

1 answers

Have had an offer for a flat in Patraix? Is it a particularly good region? Is the 'done thing' to stay in a hostel for a week or so whilst you find accommodation out there, rather than doing it online before departure?

What is a reasonable weekly budget for living in Switzerland?

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I'm going to be studying in Switzerland from September and am a bit concerned about the cost of living. Is it really as expensive as people say and what can I reasonably expect to spend in a week?

Which European countries/ good universities provide free masters degree programs for Asian students?

0 answers

I m looking in the field of maritime business and it. Any minimum requirements?

Has anyone participated in the Leonardo Programme?

2 answers

And if so would you recommend it?

How do I find accommodation in Perugia?

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I will be moving to Italy in under three weeks and I still have not heard anything about the student accommodation that I applied for? Any help would be appreciated.

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