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How Video Conferencing Software Works?

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Everyone is using video conferencing solutions nowadays. Businesses are using these solutions so that they can increase their capabilities. Industries like finance, healthcare, real estate, education or logistics, now everyone is using it. All these organizations are now realizing how important and effective a video conferencing software is to connect with others. These solutions enable you to exchange visual and audio information with your team members and other persons. Basic requirement for attending a video conference is A Computer with webcam and microphone A Smart Phone Internet Browser or <a href="">Video Conferencing Application</a>

Will I be able to open a bank account in France before I have found and signed for somewhere to live?

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Hi, I'm moving to France (Lyon) next month and I've arranged an appointment at the bank (BNP Paribas) for the day after I arrive but it's quite unlikely I'll have found/signed for somewhere to live by then. I would know people whose address I could put down to send a debit card to, etc. but it wouldn't be my address. Does anyone know whether a French bank would let me set up an account without a permanent address? I'm working as a language assistant so will have my work contract by then to prove that I have a job and that I'll be in the country for at least the academic year. Thank you in advance!

Is a 'sospensione per le lauree' a reading week?

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On my university's teaching timetable, it mentions a week of 'sospensione per le lauree'. Is this the Italian term for a reading week/a week without lectures?

What is the best way to use a phone in Germany? Is there a German GiffGaff?

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If I were to move to Germany, which would be the best and cheapest way for me to use my old iPhone? Are there pay-as-you-go networks with Internet included like GiffGaff in the UK? I will probably have to continue paying my current phone contract so a cheap additional one I could get with a German SIM would be great.

Can I teach English in Germany?

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I am going to Germany for a year, I'd like to give private English Lessons. I did the TEFL/TESL course which is teaching English to Foreign/Second Language learners. Would I be able to get students to teach? I'll be staying in Wiesbaden which is about 40 minutes from Frankfurt.

Is Salzburg, Austria covered by any German mobile networks? If not, what phone contract is recommended for a Austria/Germany split Erasmus year?

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I'm spending half of my Erasmus year abroad in Salzburg and the other half in Munich. As I can't seem to find any 6 month contracts over there (I'd rather not have prepaid because I'll be using a lot of data), I'm going to have to get a 12 month contract, so was looking for one that covered both Salzburg and Munich, despite them being in different countries. As Salzburg is right on the German border, I thought maybe it would share German mobile networks, is this true?

I love it so much out here in France! Can I do another year with British Council?

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Can I defer my final year and continue as a language assistant? This is the most amazing experience I've had - thank you British Council :)

Any advice on finding housing/accomodation in Amsterdam?

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I'll be studying abroad next year (2016/17) at VU Amsterdam and am currently trying to find out about accommodation. The halls for VU don't look great and I'm not sure how many Internationals actually stay there. Does anyone have any experience/advice they could offer me about trying to find student accommodation in Amsterdam? Thanks in advance!