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Questions about studying and working abroad during your degree.

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Distance learning by nmims

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What are my options with regards to Mobile Phones when I go to Spain?

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I am pretty much relaxed about everything else regard my third year abroad next year yet the only thing that worries me is not having a phone. I'm just wondering what my best options would be when I go as I know about hideous data roaming charges etc. Ideally I want something not to expensive that I can use in the UK and Spain. Any thoughts?

Flat share or halls of residence in Spain?

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Hey there, I am moving to Valencia in September for my year abroad and will be a teaching assistant at the Uni. I was wondering whether it is recommended to opt into a flat share or is it better to stay in a halls of residence? I am a bit worried about living with people that I don't know but feel like it may be the best way to make friends. I would be grateful to hear of people's experience (in ANY country!) good or bad :) Thanks!

My daughter says she wants to study abroad next year - what would she be doing?

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I am wondering where she can go, what will she do there, and what funding is available? Quite a big question, really!

British Council in Quebec?

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Could anybody give me information on the British Council Program in Quebec?

Buy All Your Classic and Flavored Cigars Online

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Does anyone know of any drama schools in Spain?

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I'm looking for somewhere where I could do a short-term course, similar to Lecoq in paris.

Study in denmark

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Although most of the students who head out of the country for higher studies have the normal destinations like US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, there are countries in Europe, especially the Nordic countries which offer not just opportunities at par with the popular destinations but are far more pocket friendly.

Brexit - likely effect on the third year abroad?

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Hi Lizzie .. I wondered if you have been having any discussions and/or come to any conclusions as to how Brexit might affect the third year abroad? Best wishes, Pamela