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What can you tell me about doing a Masters in Spain?

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I did a degree in English and Spanish and am considering doing a Masters course in Spain. Does anyone know how much it costs to do an MA in Spain and what the requirements are for Brits to study there? I'm interested in gender and international relations courses.

Has anyone used STA Travel?

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Has anyone used STA travel as part of their year abroad? Their flight rates look good and so do their tours. They're fully protected, which is a plus, but if anyone has used them, did they have a good experience? I wanted to know about other people using them before I got any quotations. (I'm looking to spend my year abroad in Latin America, so cheaper flights would be very useful!)

Work Placements and Internships in Italy?

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I study 3 languages at university, so one of my placements of my year abroad must be done as a work placement or language school set up over the summer. I was originally thinking of spending this time in Italy, however my lecturer said that it is difficult to find these in Italy. The only things that I have found so far is working at English holiday camp firms but I doubt I would really improve my language skills there. The other is an internship programme with accommodation included, as well as Italian lessons and internship tailored to me and my abilities. This would cost at least 3,500 GBP though. If it is worth the price (as in I would come back with a great CV and impressive knowledge of Italian) I would pay it. But I was just wondering if anyone else had any luck/knowledge of finding a summer work placement or language school in Italy that would pass university requirements??


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I was a language assistant in France in 2013, and stupidly, did not think to declare my French taxes, assuming that no one would notice and that as I didn't have any tax deductions from my salary anyway that it was pointless. Ironically, two years later here I am living permanently in France, and I need to sort this out! The CAF takes our 2013 income, and I have not yet had any money as they are 'waiting on something' about my revenue. I'm pretty sure they are looking at my salary and then my non-declared salary with the tax office. I need a delaration de non imposition I think- has anyone been in this situation? What do I do!!!? Thankyou!

Volunteering in Geneva?

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I'm going to be studying at Geneva University next semester and I'm keen to do some work experience/voluntary work while I'm studying there, does anyone have experience of this and could recommend anywhere? Especially related to journalism/translation/interpreting/creative writing? Thank you.

Can you still claim uk benefits on your year abroad?

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I currently receive DLA due to a disability and I receive child benefit and child tax credit. Will I still receive them while studying in France and Spain?

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Can anybody recommend a good book for improving business French or German?

2 answers

I am looking to go into law, and would really like to get more confident in speaking French and German to a professional level, any tips for books would be really helpful!