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What is a reasonable weekly budget for living in Switzerland?

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I'm going to be studying in Switzerland from September and am a bit concerned about the cost of living. Is it really as expensive as people say and what can I reasonably expect to spend in a week?

Would you recommend Third Year Abroad at Valencia University? and what modules can you study there?

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At Leeds University, studying Spanish. Deciding between Madrid & Valencia University

Could you give me advice about a year abroad in Cuba?

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I'm pretty keen to spend my year abroad in Cuba - does anyone have any advice/suggestions? I'm not sure what placements are on offer - there are certainly none with the British Council - but any advice on stuff like accommodation/work/study would be appreciated!

Left behind in final year?

1 answers

If I do an Erasmus year, there will only be people who have done a year abroad left in final year of uni. Is it lonely? Do you feel left behind as your friends get jobs? Is it really worth it?

How do I find out about courses foreign universities offer?

0 answers

Hi guys! I am a second year History Student and I really want to go to Germany for a year! I am researching the universities that my faculty offer, but I am struggling to find information on the modules the universities offer. I am not even sure if they do History! Are there any websites I can use that will tell me if Potsdam university offers History? And if it does, what modules I can take? Thank you for helping!

NSW uni 3rd year starts in dec 2015. How does year 4 back in uni of Birmingham start in Sept 2016?

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Does the NSW year end early in 2016 or does it overlap with birmingham and mean that student has to start a year 5 with increased debts and costs? Will student be ready to start year 4 in September 2016 in uk?

Is there support from universities abroad in regards to mental and emotional health?

3 answers

i am going abroad in September and I am worried because I get very homesick, I have hypothyroidism and depression and I'm quite anxious about the year abroad experience.

How much will my Visa to the University of North Florida cost?

1 answers

I am currently a first year student and I am planning to go a year abroad next year. I am not sure how much the VISA will cost to go to the University of North Florida. I would really appreciate any type of help. The website for the university is quite hard to understand.

How can I get insulin on prescription in Germany?

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My son's at a UK university and spending his third year working in Germany. He's diabetic. In the UK he's been able to get insulin and needles free using an NHS prescription. However he's finding it difficult to sort out supplies in Germany as everyone he speaks to there seems unsure of what can be done and refers him to someone else. Does anyone have any experience of dealing with this?

Has anyone done a year abroad as a parent?

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I'm in my first year studying French and Spanish at Chester University, and I have a 7 year old daughter. Is anyone else in the same boat as me or know of anyone that has spent a year abroad and has children?