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Questions about studying and working abroad during your degree.

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How can you transfer money from your UK account to your foreign one?

1 answers

I bank with HSBC and want to transfer my funds to my new account in New York without being charged something like 5% to do so thanks

Whats new job in india

0 answers

12 pass govt job -Darshan Kendra Lucknow Recruitment 2020 Assistant News Editor, Producer, Copy Editor, Cameraman and other posts

What's better to do first - accommodation or bank account?

2 answers

Which one shall I organise first when I arrive because wouldn't I need a French address to open a bank account but also a bank account to pay the deposit on a flat? Help please! :)

Where on earth do I start?

3 answers

I'm in the initial stages of planning my year abroad but I'm stumped- where do I start? There's so much that has to be planned, obviously, but what are the best things to start with?

Affordabe Wigs

0 answers

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Financial requirements of a student visa?

0 answers

I've done some research on a US study visa and I haven't found a definitive answer. It says you require proof that you can financially support yourself but can anyone give an estimate on how much you need for proof? If anyone has any past experiences with this, I would appreciate some figures. Thanks!

What's the best accommodation in Lund?

0 answers

Hi guys, I was looking into the accommodation in Lund and there's just so much choice it's kind of crazy... Does anyone have any experience of the accommodation there/know anyone who does? Or any general ground rules that I should think about? Thanks guys :)

What is a reasonable weekly budget for living in Switzerland?

1 answers

I'm going to be studying in Switzerland from September and am a bit concerned about the cost of living. Is it really as expensive as people say and what can I reasonably expect to spend in a week?