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Concerts in Paris - Safe?

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Hi everyone, I'm a huge music fan and for my first semester I'm going to be in Paris at the same time as all my favourite bands European tours. I've already bought tickets for one and tickets for the next one come out on Friday. However, all the concerts are happening in November, around the same time as the anniversary of last year's attack. My parents are concerned about my brother (who's planning to visit me to go to the concerts) and I going and their worry is making me a bit concerned too. I told them that it's better to buy the tickets before they sell out and that if things feel unsafe around the time of the shows, I'll sell the tickets and not go but I don't know what else to say to them to make them (and now me!) feel less worried. I don't want what happened last year to dictate what I do with my year abroad (especially as this is the first opportunity I've had to live in a major city with a lot of concert opportunities) and I don't want to let it scare me out of doing the things I love. Does anyone have anything I could say or show my parents (and me) to maybe make us all a little less worried? Maybe anyone who was in Paris around that time or who has been to Paris and to shows in Paris since? Or anyone who has anything that they think could be helpful? I'm open to all suggestions and eager to read your replies. Thank you in advance! - Rhiannon

Any agencies/websites to get me into a host family?

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In October I'll be heading to Provence for my British council placement of 12 hours per week in a school. To save money and immerse myself in French I'm really interested in becoming a live-in English tutor and I know a lot of families in France want this service - can anybody help me find an agency of some sort? National or local to Provence/Aix-en-Provence

Can anyone recommend a paid language assistant scheme in Spain or South America that is 3-6 months in length?

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Only schemes I have found so far (e.g. British Council) have been full school years (8-10 months), looking for something between 3-6 months due to work commitments.

Where's the best place to study in France, if I get homesick and want to keep busy meeting lots of people?

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Hi :) I'm from Glasgow and I'm going to France next year for my year abroad and having to decide on which region I want to go to just now. I do get quite homesick sometimes and was wondering where is the best place for people like me and for meeting other students and making friends? My tutor has recommended going to a town rather than a city or rural area and has recommended Dijon, Tours or Angers so if anyone can also give me advice on those that would be greatly appreciated! :)

For teaching in India I can see it’s 2 to 5 months - can you choose the duration?

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I’m worried about being away from home for more than two months for family reasons. Would the placement be allocated by the school’s needs or mine?

Has anyone done a second year abroad, a few years into their professional career?

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I have been working for two years, but graduated from Durham with a first in German and Spanish in 2012. I like my job, but I'm sad that I don't use my languages doing it, so I am plotting a second year abroad to my favourite city, Berlin - either to do a TEFL and then teach afterwards for 9 months or so, or to be a language assistant again. Any thoughts / advice / past experience would be so welcome!

Is it difficult to rent/buy a car for your year abroad?

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I will be working in a small town near Milan, but I would really like to live in the city. It's not a great commute via public transport and would be really easy by car, but I'm not sure whether it's worth the hassle of trying to rent a car on a semi long-term basis. Has anyone done something similar?

Does anyone have any experience of Extremadura?

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I've been placed with the British Council in a small town in Extremadura. It looks like a lovely town / region, I'm just a bit worried about meeting new people / people of my own age.

Is anyone going to be studying in Bologna (Forli) this year?

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I'm going to be studying at the Forli campus of the University of Bologna in Italy for one term from September/October and I was wondering if anyone would be studying there at the same time?