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Any American Host family looking for Exchange Student ?

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Hello my name is Louis , I'm French and I'm sixteen years Old. I am registered with a host family program called PIE (if you want check : ) , a journey of nine months from the month of September ! For an high school year . But the program has just told me that no family was available , so I looking for an American family who would be kind enough to accept me for nearly 10 months at home. Obviously there is paperwork then do with the PIE program. Feel free to contact me so I can put you in touch with PIE ! Thanks a lot :D :D :D Louis [email protected]

Any advice on finding housing/accomodation in Amsterdam?

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I'll be studying abroad next year (2016/17) at VU Amsterdam and am currently trying to find out about accommodation. The halls for VU don't look great and I'm not sure how many Internationals actually stay there. Does anyone have any experience/advice they could offer me about trying to find student accommodation in Amsterdam? Thanks in advance!

What is the cost for studying abroad? Is it government-funded?

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I'm currently looking into applying for Universities, and some of the ones I'm looking at offer a year abroad but I would like to know how the year is paid for and what the average prices are? Thank you, Rish x

How to study in the US?

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Hi there, I'm currently a student at Staffordshire university in the UK studying Music Technology at foundation degree level. I'm looking to do my final year/top up year, to make it a full degree,abroad in America. However I have no idea how to approach this. I'm just wondering if this is at all possible? And if so how do I make it happen? If that isn't possible, and I have to apply to do another degree out in america how do I go about doing that. Do I contact the chosen university directly etc... Any response would be greatly appreciated!

Is there anyone who can give me some advice and guidance on work placements in France?

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Where to start? Any previous students who have done specific work placements that they enjoyed etc.

How do you survive as gluten free in France?

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I recently became gluten free but I am really starting to panic about my upcoming year abroad in Paris. All I think of when I hear French food is bread and pastries and I'm worried that I won't be able to find any of the gluten free foods I eat at home (such as special g.f. pasta, flour, etc). Has anyone experienced this problem and how did you resolve it?

When am I likely to here whether or not my application to be an English Language Assistant has been successful and what will then happen if I am successful?

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I have recently applied to be an English Language Assistant in Austria for the year 2017/2018. I understand that the deadline closes on the 28 February this year. After that, when am I likely to hear whether my application has been successful and what will then happen if I am successful?

Has anyone else not received their codice fiscale for Italy?

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Hi Everyone! So I'm moving to Italy soon and I was told by my university to apply for the codice fiscale which is the Italian tax code (equivalent to the national insurance number) so I applied for it in April and I still haven't received it! Has anyone else experienced the same thing?

Looking to study a Masters - how would a two-and-a-half-year study-gap be viewed by Universities in the US/Europe?

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Firstly - hello everyone! I'm completely new here, and am full of silly questions regarding studying abroad. Here we go... I'm a 24-year-old Geography (BSc) graduate from the University of Southampton - I graduated in 2013, and having had a little while away from study, have the real urge to follow Geography/Climate Studies at Masters level. Abroad. My question is - how would a two-and-a-half-year hiatus be viewed by Universities in the US & around Europe? Would I be at disadvantage due to a lack of consecutive study? If so, has anyone trodden the path, and have any advice? The discipline can be completely unrelated - I'm just looking for general opinion. Thanks in advance guys! Joe