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Has anyone else not received their codice fiscale for Italy?

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Hi Everyone! So I'm moving to Italy soon and I was told by my university to apply for the codice fiscale which is the Italian tax code (equivalent to the national insurance number) so I applied for it in April and I still haven't received it! Has anyone else experienced the same thing?

Extremely homesick and need some advice?

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I moved out to Paris 10 weeks ago to start the first half of my year abroad, (very early I know) and started classes at a private french language school mid August. I do classes in the morning, and then an internship in an office in the school during the afternoon. I am really not liking it, as at the school, there are very little people to chat to, as when I eventually make a friend, the average time that someone is at the school is only 2 weeks, whereas I am here until December. I am really missing home, and am trying everything to make it easier. I can't go out at nights, as I live an hour out of Paris, and so have to take the train which can have pretty scary people during the day, let alone the night. Also, with being so far out, it makes it impossible to meet more people or do anything in the evenings, as there is nothing to do and my flatmate is constantly at her boyfriend's, which is horrible considering how much I am missing mine and she leaves me with her cats - I hate cats. I hate it, as I promised myself I would make the most of my time here, and I know that I am as I am constantly keeping busy and have done so many touristy things etc. I just constantly have this horrible heavy, sad feeling over me, and find myself counting down the hours until it is a day closer to being home, It's so pathetic I know. I am really wishing I could come home, but know that I would really regret it. Any one got any advice for me at all, or anyone in Paris that fancies meeting up or something? Any help is appreciated.

How do I cope with being overworked and hating my placement?

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I'm currently on placement in France and believe I am being overworked. I get the minimum wage for a stagiaire of €500 per month and work over the legal 35 hours per week (I work 41.5 hours). This also includes staying over two nights a week at my workplace, which is in the middle of nowhere. I feel completely trapped because I hate having to stay overnight so often at my workplace as I have no social life because of it. The evenings when I'm not working I usually spend alone in my apartment because I'm too tired to do anything and want some time to myself. I hate working so much but I'm not sure what I can do... I want a good reference from this job for my C.V and won't get one if I quit.. I also have to work a certain number of hours to pass my degree. I have 3 months left here... is there anything I can do to distract myself or make me feel better? Even when I'm not staying over at work, I get depressed during the day because I know that I'll have to stay over the next night and have nothing really to look forward to in the short term (other than the weekend) and no reason to get up in the mornings. I get to go home at Christmas, which should help. But after that I have another 7 weeks to survive until I finish this first placement.

When am I likely to here whether or not my application to be an English Language Assistant has been successful and what will then happen if I am successful?

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I have recently applied to be an English Language Assistant in Austria for the year 2017/2018. I understand that the deadline closes on the 28 February this year. After that, when am I likely to hear whether my application has been successful and what will then happen if I am successful?

Where to meet new people in Madrid?

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I will be living in Madrid from September 2018 until December 2018 and I was wondering where I can start meeting people.

Any agencies/websites to get me into a host family?

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In October I'll be heading to Provence for my British council placement of 12 hours per week in a school. To save money and immerse myself in French I'm really interested in becoming a live-in English tutor and I know a lot of families in France want this service - can anybody help me find an agency of some sort? National or local to Provence/Aix-en-Provence

How do I find accommodation in France?

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I know that when I arrive I will be staying with a British council representative, but how do I find accommodation, are there any useful websites or is it easy enough to find a flat when I am there?

What do you do about books on your year abroad?

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I am a big reader and always have a book on the go. Obviously, there is no way I can pack more than a couple of books to take with me. How did people get round this? If with e-readers, which one do you recommend? Or are there libraries that stock English books?

Is it possible to transfer from university in Italy to one in the UK? Preferably UCLAN?

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I am a third year undergraduate at a medical school in Italy, and I would like to transfer to a UK one without losing the years I have completed.