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What is the best option in terms of mobile phone contracts in Spain?

4 answers

I'm moving to Málaga for my year abroad in less than 2 weeks and was wondering what the best option is for my mobile phone. In the UK I'm on giffgaff and I really like their goody bags, where you are not attached to a contract. Is there a Spanish provider which offers something similar? I've looked at contracts but they tend to be quite expensive and include a lot of minutes - and I barely ever make calls. I am looking for something with at least 1 GB internet, 100 texts and maybe 50 minutes or so. What provider can you recommend?

How and where do you get an STI test in France? Do you have to go through a doctor?

1 answers

In the UK it's really easy to get yourself checked out but I'm not planning on returning home for a while and this obvously isn't the sort of thing you want to just leave

Has anyone ever failed an exam on Erasmus?

3 answers

I failed a written exam last week and was told the reason was because my Italian wasn't up to scratch and I obviously hadn't understood the lectures. I did understand the lectures and really didn't think my italian was that bad. Has anyone else had similar experiences? What happens if I fail the retakes? Will I just not get the credits?

What is the difference between a 'code banque' and a 'code guichet'?

1 answers

I am struggling to understand all the different French bank terminology. Would really appreciated some help! Thanks :)

I'm starting to hate my year abroad already. Any advice?

10 answers

I was placed in a tiny town in Spain and so decided to live in a slightly bigger town 30 minutes away. However I'm finding this town is still too small. The average age of the people in the town must be in their sixties and I can't find anyone my age. I also cannot find any other language assistants in the area and I'm feeling really really lonely. I cant live in the main city as it's almost 3 hours away. I have plans to go visit friends in other areas of Spain over the next 3 months but no one to spend the evenings or the weekends with. This is starting to make me hate the year abroad and want to give up and come home already. I cannot go on feeling like this for another 8 months. Any suggestions for making me feel better?

Best advice for homesickness?

2 answers

What is the best advice you would give for someone who a) has never been abroad alone before? and b) gets homesick quite easily? It probably doesn't help that I am very shy, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Company with just interns?

1 answers

I studied fashion design in Paris. Right now im doing my first internship. The company consists only of interns and of course the boss. But the boss never worked in the industry before, so has no experience at all. My question is is it even allowed to hire only interns?

Where can I get an A1 form?

1 answers

I've been asked by my work placement to produce an A1 form to prove I'm still eligible for UK social security while I'm in France. Does anyone know how to get one as I'm having trouble finding anything about it.

How can I watch Coronation Street abroad?

8 answers

I'm in France and I can't watch coronation street on ITV player and hola app won't work