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BC Language Assistant in either Argentina or Chile?

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I wish to work as an LA in either Argentina or Chile next year but can't decide which to do. Argentina is a max of 6 months, Chile is 10 months. I'm worried it will be more expensive in Chile, the Spanish too difficult to learn from Castellano and I may not like it, also the flight prices and pollution in Santiago cause me some concern. Has anyone got any useful advice or experiences they can share please?

Cheap ways to transport stuff back home?

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I've gone a bit shopping mad on my year abroad and now have about double the stuff that I had when I arrived. What's the best way to get it all home? I can't afford to fly with it all (and can't carry it to the airport!).

Is it absolutely essential to get the spanish NIE whilst on your year abroad?

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Living and studying in madrid for my third year abroad

How do I cope with the stress of being abroad?

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I am absolutely terrified of doing a year abroad. Unfortunately for me, I am a linguist about to go into my second year at university, and so I am well aware that the year abroad is no longer just a far-off occurrence that I can put out of my mind. I suffer quite badly from anxiety and it is something that I am trying to work through, but I am worried that the stress of living abroad without my familiar support system of family and friends will have a detrimental effect on my mental health. However, I love languages and want to be able to throw myself into things without being held back by anxiety. Does anyone have any advice?

Where can I get an A1 form?

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I've been asked by my work placement to produce an A1 form to prove I'm still eligible for UK social security while I'm in France. Does anyone know how to get one as I'm having trouble finding anything about it.

Useful French phrasebooks?

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I'm going to France for a few weeks and although I have a high level of French, I still feel that what I know is mostly based off textbooks. I want to find a phrasebook that will help me in day-to-day situations (shops, restaurants, transport) without making me sound like I'm using 18th century French. Therefore, I want one that uses up to date words and phrases; even better if it includes some slang! Thank you!

Is anyone going to be studying in Bologna (Forli) this year?

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I'm going to be studying at the Forli campus of the University of Bologna in Italy for one term from September/October and I was wondering if anyone would be studying there at the same time?

Any agencies/websites to get me into a host family?

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In October I'll be heading to Provence for my British council placement of 12 hours per week in a school. To save money and immerse myself in French I'm really interested in becoming a live-in English tutor and I know a lot of families in France want this service - can anybody help me find an agency of some sort? National or local to Provence/Aix-en-Provence

Where can I get civil liability insurance?

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As part of my YA I will be working as an English Language Teacher at Valencia Uni, and I've been told that I need civil liability insurance. Apparently you can sort out this cover from the UK on English websites etc, but I'm really struggling to find any at all. Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Finding a flat in Hamburg..?

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I moved to Hamburg about 6 days ago and am staying in a Hostel, with the intent of finding a WG now that i'm out here, but I am finding it near impossible! People don't respond and I have exhausted pages like WG-Gesucht and Studenten WG etc over and over and am starting to feel very hopeless :( Anyone have any advice/tips/in a similar position?