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Questions about studying and working abroad during your degree.

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When should I arrive for my year abroad?

2 answers

I'm looking to book my flight ASAP, but I'm not sure how much time to give myself before I start work as a language assistant on 1st October. Any suggestions?

Can a relationship survive the year abroad?

8 answers

I've been in a relationship for 3 years now, and have decided to go on the year abroad to the USA as part of my Business degree. I am so nervous about it because I love my boyfriend but I'm worried about so many things, mainly that I will only be able to come home once in the year - at Christmas - and he can only afford to fly out and visit me once, and also that I have been told it's not a good idea to keep Skyping every day as you miss out on cultural things and having fun, but I want him to feel loved and know I'm thinking of him - has anyone who has been through this before got any advice?!

Has anyone been on a year abroad in Afghanistan?

1 answers

I'm interested in going to study in Afghanistan and I'd like to know a little more about it.

Staying abroad at Christmas (probably alone)?

2 answers

Does anyone have any experience of spending Christmas in their year abroad destination, and have any tips, please? I'm thinking of staying in Italy over Christmas but I'm a bit worried, because I'll be alone, and it'll be my first Christmas away from my family, and the UK! If anyone has any advice or experience to share, thank you.

Will I need a visa to study abroad in Spain?

0 answers

I live in the UK, I am a UK citizen, but will I need a visa to study abroad in Spain? It might sound a bit silly but I just need to make sure that I have everything covered.

Do I have to go?

2 answers

Hi, I recently accepted an offer to go abroad to study in Ankara, Turkey, however I no longer want to go because my circumstances have changed..e.g. no money for visa or flight, partner university not responding to emails, placement tutor not responding to emails, no longer the path that I would like to choose. However, my university are telling me that I committed to travelling abroad so I now must go. I am sure this cannot be true because it should be my choice if I want to go or not and surely I can withdraw. Could you please tell me what you think of this situation? Thank you and kind regards.

How much will my Visa to the University of North Florida cost?

1 answers

I am currently a first year student and I am planning to go a year abroad next year. I am not sure how much the VISA will cost to go to the University of North Florida. I would really appreciate any type of help. The website for the university is quite hard to understand.

Financial requirements of a student visa?

0 answers

I've done some research on a US study visa and I haven't found a definitive answer. It says you require proof that you can financially support yourself but can anyone give an estimate on how much you need for proof? If anyone has any past experiences with this, I would appreciate some figures. Thanks!

How early can I arrive in France before the semester begins on my student visa?

1 answers

If my program begins in January, how early can I arrive in France with my student visa? Ideally I would like to arrive in November, travel and settle in before but I feel like that won't be allowed.

Should I re-organise my year abroad?

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I originally planned to split my year aborad into two parts: work in Argentina until Christmas and then complete a study placement in CHile from March 2019 onwards. However, because of the visa requirement to be a student in Chile, I am wondering whether to reorganise my plans to go to Chile first? This would mean I could collect my visa this summer before going rather than flying back from Argentina to collect a visa in London and then fly back out to Santiago.