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How and where do you get an STI test in France? Do you have to go through a doctor?

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In the UK it's really easy to get yourself checked out but I'm not planning on returning home for a while and this obvously isn't the sort of thing you want to just leave

Can anyone recommend a paid language assistant scheme in Spain or South America that is 3-6 months in length?

4 answers

Only schemes I have found so far (e.g. British Council) have been full school years (8-10 months), looking for something between 3-6 months due to work commitments.

What are the best ways to find cheap flights?

3 answers

I'm off to South America in a couple of months for part two of my year abroad, and I would like to find the cheapest flights possible (obviously!). What's the most straightforward way to do this?

When should I arrive for my year abroad?

2 answers

I'm looking to book my flight ASAP, but I'm not sure how much time to give myself before I start work as a language assistant on 1st October. Any suggestions?

The contraceptive pill in Spain?

2 answers

I am currently studying in Spain and was looking for some information in how I would go about getting the contraceptive pill here. I have it back home in the UK but I need to get some more soon and don't know what the process of getting it is over here. Thanks!

Can my year abroad relationship survive my return to the UK?

5 answers

I met my boyfriend during my year abroad in France and have just moved home to the UK. We've agreed to try and make it work but is this completely unrealistic? He doesn't speak any English so I'm worried he won't be able to fit in with my old life and we'll drift apart. Has anyone experienced this?

Is Hands on TEFL a good company?

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I just saw a statement on the third year abroad Facebook page saying someone has sent a complaint about Hands on TEFL saying they aren't treating students properly. I have a placement with them starting in September. Could you tell me any more about the situation?

What internships can I do in Paris?

1 answers

I was thinking of spending my summer working in Paris. Does anyone know how to find paid internships there?

Can a relationship survive the year abroad?

8 answers

I've been in a relationship for 3 years now, and have decided to go on the year abroad to the USA as part of my Business degree. I am so nervous about it because I love my boyfriend but I'm worried about so many things, mainly that I will only be able to come home once in the year - at Christmas - and he can only afford to fly out and visit me once, and also that I have been told it's not a good idea to keep Skyping every day as you miss out on cultural things and having fun, but I want him to feel loved and know I'm thinking of him - has anyone who has been through this before got any advice?!

Trying to choose which French University to attend?

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So far I've narrowed it down to Montpellier Paul Valéry, Univerity of Nantes, University Bordeaux Montaigne II, University Blaise Pascal, University Lumière Lyon II, University de Potiers, University Toulouse or Mirail II. I'm a 19 year old girl, from London studying in Birmingham. I'm quite out going but get homesick quickly and often like to return home. I study English literature and French. Looking for good social life with both French and international students and helpful lecturers. Can anyone help please!