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How do you secure an appartment in france without a french guarantor?

2 answers

So I've been reading online that you need a french guarantor to be able to rent a place for a year in France. I am doing a year abroad as part of my french degree and hope to go to Grenoble. However I don't want to houseshare as I live with my boyfriend (who's account i am on now) and my dog and it wouldn't really be ideal for house sharing and we have the money to rent somewhere of our own for the year but not the french guarantor.... if we paid up front for the year would they waiver the need for a guarantor? Or are there any ways that the universities can act as a guarantor? - I will be coming from the university of Kent in the UK. Any help would be great thankyou!

How do you feel about a pre-study abroad university mental health assessment to decide your eligibility to go?

8 answers

If unis could provide every potential year abroad student with a free mental health assessment BEFORE DEPARTURE, do you think that would help students (e.g. unis could keep an eye on students who need extra support) or facilitate discrimination?

Best advice for homesickness?

2 answers

What is the best advice you would give for someone who a) has never been abroad alone before? and b) gets homesick quite easily? It probably doesn't help that I am very shy, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Has anyone ever failed an exam on Erasmus?

3 answers

I failed a written exam last week and was told the reason was because my Italian wasn't up to scratch and I obviously hadn't understood the lectures. I did understand the lectures and really didn't think my italian was that bad. Has anyone else had similar experiences? What happens if I fail the retakes? Will I just not get the credits?

How do I make friends abroad?

2 answers

I'm in the second half of my year abroad, studying at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. After a pretty rubbish experience in my first country of my year abroad last term, I'm struggling enormously with my self confidence (I'm shy and introverted by nature) and making friends. Does anyone have any advice on how to make friends, please? I'm very shy and find it hard at the best of times.

How can I watch Coronation Street abroad?

8 answers

I'm in France and I can't watch coronation street on ITV player and hola app won't work

Is it possible to transfer from university in Italy to one in the UK? Preferably UCLAN?

1 answers

I am a third year undergraduate at a medical school in Italy, and I would like to transfer to a UK one without losing the years I have completed.

What is the best way to use a phone in Germany? Is there a German GiffGaff?

2 answers

If I were to move to Germany, which would be the best and cheapest way for me to use my old iPhone? Are there pay-as-you-go networks with Internet included like GiffGaff in the UK? I will probably have to continue paying my current phone contract so a cheap additional one I could get with a German SIM would be great.

What do I write in my personal statement?

1 answers

Applying for Canada and US universities for 3rd year abroad from UK, not sure what to include in personal statement