Trying to choose which French University to attend?

So far I've narrowed it down to Montpellier Paul Valéry, Univerity of Nantes, University Bordeaux Montaigne II, University Blaise Pascal, University Lumière Lyon II, University de Potiers, University Toulouse or Mirail II. I'm a 19 year old girl, from London studying in Birmingham. I'm quite out going but get homesick quickly and often like to return home. I study English literature and French. Looking for good social life with both French and international students and helpful lecturers. Can anyone help please!

This question was asked by Gaby from The University of Birmingham , asked on 14th November 2015 and has been read 2882 times.

  • Anonymous Answer · 7 years ago

    Hey Gaby - when I went on a year abroad, I found the info on the really helpful. There are lots of articles written by students about the cities in which they spent their TYA - great info on the advantages and disadvantages of each city! I went to Chambery (Université de Savoie) which was AMAZING, however from the ones on your list friends have told me that Lyon, Bordeaux and Montpellier are especially great. Have an amazing time!!

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