Tips for introducing yourself to primary school aged children?

I will be teaching ages 5 to 10 in Spain and I want to prepare a presentation about myself for my first lessons. The school said a presentation would be fine but should I do this on powerpoint or just speak and show some pictures? Also what should I include in the powerpoint presentation? I want to be prepared for when I arrive. Thanks!

This question was asked by Alexandra Humphries , asked on 19th September 2014 and has been read 3211 times.

  • Hannah Gay · 6 years ago

    Hi there! I did the same just last year! I found a power point worked really well as it was particularly easy to use and it engaged the children. I'm from London so I used a lot of photos of London buses and red post boxes, things that were stereo typically recognizable. Also, if you have any pets or brother or sisters, they also go down well. Pictures that make you seem like a "Human being," ie. you and your best friends for example really interest the children. For some reason they consistently asked about what food i liked, so again working with the classically English idea, i incorporated the roast dinner and full English breakfast into this. I hope this helps! Its completely up to you and how much you want to share, but these are just some of the things that my students loved. good luck!!!

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