The contraceptive pill in Spain?

I am currently studying in Spain and was looking for some information in how I would go about getting the contraceptive pill here. I have it back home in the UK but I need to get some more soon and don't know what the process of getting it is over here. Thanks!

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  • Romy Higgins · 7 years ago

    After a quick google, it seems that there are a lot of different ideas about this.  I've read that you can buy it over the counter, or visit a GP or family planning centre over there, and that you'll have to pay for it, unlike in the UK.  My advice would be to go to the nearest pharmacy, explain your situation and they'll be able to tell you what you need to do, and if you need to go to the doctors where the best place is.  Alternatively, you could see if your parents could get your prescription filled in the UK and then post you the pills, though you'd have to check with the post office that you can post prescription meds because I know that this is illegal in France.  In future, make sure you get at least 6 months worth before you leave and hopefully that'll cover you til you're next home :)

  • Emily Walker · 7 years ago

    Do you need to get it in Spain? Or can you bring it over from the UK. I got a years supply of contraceptive pill and all other prescriptions before I went abroad. The thing with the pill is that there are so many different types and ideally you want to stay on the same type. But if you're already in Spain you'll need to go to a doctor with your EHIC, any doctor should do it, but you'll have to pay for the prescription. Your other option is to have a telephone appointment with your normal doctor, get a parent to pick up your prescription and get them to post it to you. I had to do that with some contact lenses. Post between the UK and Spain usually takes about 6 days

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