Studying at Geneva University?

I will be studying at Geneva University from January/February 2016 until June 2016 and I was wondering if anybody had any advice or tips, or would share their experiences? Or if anybody will be studying there at the same time?

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  • Global Graduates · 8 years ago

    Hi there,

    We have a couple of Geneva Mole Diaries - check them out here and here. There's some information about the university in those, as well as more general information about Geneva.

    Hope that's helpful!

    The TYA Team

  • Global Graduates · 8 years ago

    Here is some advice given by Lucianna Harrison on Facebook:

    "Not studying but living there at the moment. It is a lovely city but prices here make London look cheap! You really have to watch your budget. Also if you're not aware already, there are slight differences in the French here and the French in France - mainly the numbers so that's something to consider. The university isn't a campus uni. I live near 3/4 buildings but there are others across the city. Fortunately public transport is pretty good here but definitely get a Tram pass or something - I got mine paid for me with my job (I'm an au pair - came here after doing a German degree) but it really is worth it. Lastly make the most of it and enjoy it! You can never have too much fondue ;)"

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