Recommended rail passes?

Can anybody recommend any European Rail Cards for Italy & Switzerland? Preferably as cheap as possible.

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  • Arthur Fane · 7 years ago

    Hello :) I just spent 6 months in Switzerland so can tell you a little about rail cards out there. You have a few options - either the half fare card (halbtax) which gets you all tickets at half price as the name suggests. I didn't get the halbtax while I was there, but definitely regret it - rail travel in Switzerland is pretty expensive, and I think I would have saved the money spent in only 3 or 4 journeys. Alternatively, if you are planning on travelling A LOT, the 'Swiss Pass' could be a good option for you - it allows you unlimited travel for a certain period of time (3, 4, 8 or 15 days..) across the whole of Switzerland. 15 days unlimited travel (if you are between 16 & 26 years old) would cost you 374 francs which is not terrible in the grand scheme of things if you make the most of it! Here's all the info on how to buy, and prices etc: Swiss Pass Prices/Info Have fun :) 

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