Places for learning Russian?

Looking for some good resources to start learning Russian with a friend. Preferably some multimedia, with listening and speaking practice so we can make sure we sound accurate. Thanks!!

This question was asked by Josh Bedford from Lancaster University , asked on 18th March 2015 and has been read 2601 times.

  • Global Graduates · 7 years ago

    Hi Josh,

    Have you checked out our #YearOverHere campaign? There are some great resources on there for learning Russian and listings of Russian-themed events going on in the UK.

    It could be a good place to start!

    The TYA Team

  • Global Graduates · 7 years ago

    P.S. Russian Duolingo is due to launch on 18th August! :)

  • Lizzie Fane · 7 years ago

    I can suppose - great Russian online community for free learning Russian with native Russians.

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