Not a question so much as assistance for Student Job seekers....

For Students just starting out in the employment market it's tough news, because at this end of the market it’s hyper competitive where supply is high. Employers often receive hundreds if not thousands of applications to their graduate vacancies, so for students there is no margin for error, you have to do everything you can to make sure that your job application progresses along the hiring funnel and wins you the job (don’t give up!) So at The Career Improvement Club we've put together some useful insight to help you. Before applying to any positions make sure that you know how to write a student CV ( this will ensure you make the most of the opportunities you are applying to. We hope this helps and good luck with the job search!

This question was asked by Suzie Finch , asked on 26th February 2020 and has been read 1017 times.

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