Nice, Marseille or Grenoble?

Hi, I am currently in the process of applying for my British Council assistantship! I'm completely stuck between Marseille, Nice or Grenoble, three cities which I have visited before but only briefly. I love the South of France but have been put of my the expense of it however I'm concerned I would get quite bored in Grenoble. Has anyone been to any of these cities? even if not on the assistantship?

This question was asked by James Tribe from Nottingham Trent University , asked on 15th December 2015 and has been read 4661 times.

  • Anonymous Answer · 7 years ago

    Hello James - great three cities to choose from! A few thoughts from my perspective:

    Marseille - PROS: beautiful city (especially the outskirts such as the Calanques), hot, popular with students, CONS: strong regional accent (the word from bread is pronounced 'pang'), very large city so possibly difficult to meet people.

    Nice - PROS: similar to above, stunning city in the south of France, near to Monaco & Italy - scope for travelling... CONS: Lots of international visitors so perhaps not as good from a language learning perspective, expensive city.

    Grenoble - PROS: smaller city so perhaps better for meeting people, proximity to mountains (skiing, hiking etc.), proximity to Switzerland/Italy etc. for travelling, popular student city. CONS: Perhaps too small? Not very visually appealing city (although surrounding mountains are..)

    Personally I think I'd go for Grenoble as I think from a language-learning perspective it's a great one to go for. Other than that, if you have the option I would consider Montpellier as from what I've heard it has the advantages of Marseille, but with more students and the regional accent is not strong.

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