Need help can't decide between On-campus or off-campus accommodation which one ?

So I'm going on my year abroad to Ottawa,Canada and I'm facing a tough decision between choosing On-campus or off-campus accommodation. I'm currently on the waiting list for on-campus (16) been told I'm pretty much guaranteed to get an offer by mid-July. But through one of the Facebook pages I have gotten friendly with a guy from Canada who is in the same position as me only higher on the waitlist and unlikely to get an offer, he is looking to get a house and we seem to like the same things(partying,drinking and sports). Money isn't an issue and both types of accommodation are likely to be around the same cost. I was just wondering what people whom have been on a year abroad would suggest? I feel that because I will only be there for 8 months that I would meet more people being in residence surrounded by lots of people rather than away from campus in a private house. I have always wanted to experience the American/Canadian style dorms and be at the heart of the university activities so I don't have to travel to get to lectures etc but am afraid because I will be older than the first years if I will feel a bit out of place and they find it weird that I'm older, also if the dorms are strict. So basically what I'm asking, if you have lived on or off campus on your abroad what has been your experience with those living arrangements.

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  • Global Graduates · 7 years ago

    Hi Chris,

    Reading your message, it seems like you know what you'd most like to do - perhaps writing down your thoughts helped you come to a conclusion!

    Most people choose to find a flat share on a year abroad so that they can live with locals (particularly in Europe). If you're hoping to practice your French this might be a good idea, as most universities put international students in the same halls of residence, making it trickier to make local friends.

    However, if you're worried about the social side of your year, living on campus will make it easier in the first couple of weeks. Don't worry too much though - you will meet people wherever you live!

    Finally, don't feel like you can't change your mind after a semester. Many students start living in halls of residence and then later find a flat with the friends they've made during the first term.

    Hope that's helpful!

    The TYA Team

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