My daughter says she wants to study abroad next year - what would she be doing?

I am wondering where she can go, what will she do there, and what funding is available? Quite a big question, really!

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  • Anonymous Answer · 8 years ago

    If your daughter is able to study abroad as part of her degree course, she will be given a list of universities she is eligible to apply to. If she is not doing a language degree, she can go to places like the USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, The Netherlands and Canada. 

    If your daughter is doing a language degree, she will be required to study in a country where that language is spoken (or two if she is studying two languages) - she can think outside the box though! Spanish-speakers, for example, can study not only in Spain, but in places like Mexico, Cuba, Gran Canaria, or Melilla in Morocco, which is part of the University of Granada's campus. 

    Within Europe, students usually study abroad on the Erasmus Programme which is run in the UK by the British Council, and provides funding (for 2013/14 the grant varies from €275 (Band 1), to €315 (Band 2) and €375 a month (Band 3), depending on the country you visit, as some are more expensive than others) and a support structure. 

    Lectures and seminars will be in the target language, and students will have to study relevant subjects to their UK degree course, sit exams alongside the local students and submit their results which contribute to their final degree classification.

    Students can do whatever they like in their free time! Join societies, travel, teach English, start a business! Here are some more ideas.

    A year/semester abroad makes an incredible difference to students who become more independent, self-sufficient, confident and focused - your daughter will be transformed! :)

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