Leaving a French internship?

I should preface this by saying I am not a student! I graduated in July, so I'm not in France on a year abroad as part of a degree, I'm here on my own accord. I work at a radio station in France as an intern, I started in mid-August (a week earlier than stated on the convention) and the internship finishes at the end of January. Among many issues I have with the radio station, the main problem is that over the course of the past 7 weeks at the station, I don't feel that I have learned or gained anything from my time there. In addition, in both the convention de stage and the learning agreement for Erasmus+, the station said we would receive professional training on how to present a radio show, cultural journalism etc, but we have only received two training sessions, only one of which was useful, and the basic information on how to present and record from the English person here over the summer. I've spoken to my parents and given that I'm only earning €500 and now that I've graduated I need to do something that is worthwhile, if the next four weeks remain the same, I will consider leaving the internship. The only clause in the convention regarding ending the internship concerns a lack of discipline whereby the company would have the right to terminate it, so I presume an agreement would have to be reached between the 2/3 parties. So, two questions... a) Given I don't feel I'm learning or gaining anything from this, and we haven't received the professional training set out in the documents, am I within my rights to ask to terminate the internship if it comes to that in four weeks time? b) Should I talk to the station in advance (this/next week) about these issues prior to asking to end the internship at the end of the month?

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