Language Assistant in Austria dates?

I've applied to be an ELA in Austria and want to know when I know the area I'll be working in, assuming I get in. Does anyone know? Also, when do I get more exact information eg the school itself?

This question was asked by Darius from The University of Aberdeen , asked on 12th April 2015 and has been read 1504 times.

  • Helen Parkinson · 5 years ago

    Hi :) First of all, applying to work in Austria was a great decision! I'm currently working as an ELA in Tirol and the past few months have been truly amazing.

    Last year I received my acceptance email in May, which contained the state I was allocated to as well as the duration of my stay. It wasn't until July that I was sent the exact details of my school. TAs from other countries seem to find out where they have been placed before we do, so don't worry if some people hear back before you.

    I'm writing a blog about my experiences as a language assistant, so feel free to check it out if it interests you

    Have a great time in this Alpine wonderland next year!

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