Is there leniency with your end date for British Council?

I'm doing a British Council placement in Germany that will end on the 28th Feb 2017, but my French work placement begins on the 1st March (the very next day!!) I have no idea what to do because I've signed my contract for France. Would the school I'm placed with allow me to leave a day or so earlier in order to get to France?

This question was asked by Karley Chadwick from The University of Hull , asked on 17th March 2016 and has been read 3021 times.

  • Rosemary Maher · 7 years ago

    I'd recommend looking up school holidays in Germany first (assuming you haven't already done that) - as if it's anything like the French system they have half terms etc., and it may well be that the 28th February is during a holiday in which case it won't be such a tight turnaround. Otherwise, I would just explain to your situation to your school in Germany, and hopefully they'll be understanding and will accommodate your needs - I did the British Council scheme last year and know plenty of people whose schools were flexible with things like this!

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