Is it possible to change from a University course to a job or placement?

I've signed up for two semesters at University in Spain but the worry about passing and attending classes are taking up so much of my time that I am barely practising Spanish or going out. I'm wondering if it's possible to find a job or placement for my second semester instead of going back to the university? And would this affect the Erasmus grant?

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  • Ailish Butland · 7 years ago

    I would e-mail the residence abroad office at your university, and explain how you're feeling. I changed from University to a language course, and my uni was really good about helping me out. Obviously, the main idea of the Year Abroad is to improve language ability, so if you don't feel like you're getting the most out of this, then maybe changing would be a good thing. I would start looking around for jobs, and definitely e-mail your university (either residence abroad office or a personal tutor) explaining what you want to do, and why you think it would be more beneficial.In terms of Erasmus funding, I wasn't eligible for the funding anyway, so I can't really be much help there, but a friend of mine is doing one semester study and one semester working and she still gets the grant. Once again, I would probably e-mail your university's Erasmus office/ person in charge of Erasmus.I hope this has made sense, and been a little bit helpful - good luck with everything!

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