Is it possible to both study through Erasmus and work as a British Council English Language Assistant?

I am an Italian student at Edinburgh, and I am required to spend my third year abroad in Italy. I would love to study in Rome, however I would also love to become an English Language Assistant. Is it possible to do both e.g. alongside one another, or teaching one semester, and studying through Erasmus the other? I know a lot of Italian universities that offer half year courses, but I'm not too sure about the British Council. If this is not possible how would I go about getting a part time job as an English Language teacher while in Rome?

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  • Anonymous Answer · 7 years ago

    For continuity, schools tend to hire assistants for the whole academic year, so unfortunately it's unlikely this will be possible. It is however always worth asking your university's International Office, just to make sure. Have fun on your year abroad :)

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