Is anyone else in Alicante?

My internship is with a small company in Alicante, and I was really hoping to get in contact with a couple people before moving out there (I go on Wednesday!!)

This question was asked by Olivia Graham from The University of Bath , asked on 5th July 2015 and has been read 1513 times.

  • Annalise Mason · 7 years ago


    Sadly, I'm leaving on Wednesday! But I thought you might like to give my blog a read as I spent the year working instead of studying too. I'll write one soon about the whole experience so look out for it :)  I hope you have a great year!

    P.s. It's very, very hot here atm! 

  • Lauren Burn · 7 years ago

    Hey, I'll be moving out there in September to study, how is it out there? what are you up to? :)

  • Erin Cawley · 7 years ago

    I move there in September to work as a language assistant in a school in San Juan!

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