Is a year abroad affordable?

I receive a full maintenance grant and still struggle financially at uni. I would love to spend a year abroad (I'm a non-linguist) but am worried that I'll never be able to afford it, especially if I study instead of doing a paid job.

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  • Jacqueline Lenaghan · 7 years ago

    Hi there, I work on British Council's Study Work Create website and we offer several heavily funded programmes to study abroad. For example, Generation UK offers scholarships to China, covering your tuition fees, accommodation etc whilst you would need to pay for flights. Study USA (for applicants in N.Ireland only) offers scholarships, flights and accommodation for students to study in America for a year. There's plenty of choices on our website. Have a look online and follow us on facebook/ twitter for the latest opportunities. 

  • Ben SFE · 7 years ago

    Hi, a year abroad can be a valuable experience both for your education and personally so it's important to research the finance that might be available to you before ruling it out.

    If you are studying on a course at a UK university or college and study outside the UK as part of your course, you can apply for full student finance from SFE. In addition, there are some special provisions if you are studying for at least the majority of a term abroad.

    The study abroad rate of Maintenance Loan and your Maintenance Grant and a Travel Grant which as the name suggests can  help with some of your travel expenses but also towards other essential costs like medical insurance and visas.

    Studying in Europe

    If you are thinking of taking a study placement in Europe then in addition to your support from SFE you could also get a grant through the Erasmus+ scheme which could be up to 400 Euro a month depending on which country you chose to study in. (They split the European countries up into 3 groups depending on the cost of living there) If you get the full Maintenance Grant from SFE then you may also be able to receive an additional monthly supplement of up to 100 Euro too.

    There is also some good information on the Third Year Abroad site

    Hope that helps.

  • Fraser Bowen · 7 years ago

    If you work in a placement or as an assistant... you get paid and you'll be fine.

    With erasmus you need to make sure the erasmus grant + maintenance loan is enough. I did my erasmus in Switzerland and simply didn't take into account the cost of living compared with the relatively low erasmus grant. It meant I had to rely on my parents which is always a little embarrassing.

    Make sure you have enough money to travel and have fun

  • Lauren Stevens · 7 years ago

    I knew I needed some extra cash during my year abroad, so I worked two jobs the summer before and I decided to the English Language Assistantship to earn money and stay in Europe to get an ERASMUS grant. Having my student loan and grant alongside this money meant I had very few financial worries and I could afford to travel around to gain further experiences.

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