India Launched New Hindi Text to Speech Technology-Speechmax

India has recently stepped up in the field of AI technology with an invention- Hindi Text to Speech online platform. There will hardly be any domain that India has left without inventions. India has shown up with its highest potential in every field from agriculture to science and technology. Allegedly, this online text to speech free platform is specially designed for Hindi users. This Hindi text to voice converter has been named 'Speechmax'. Speechmax is considerably proving its potential in various industries with multiple use cases. Speechmax is proving to be most useful in reading articles on digital platforms, documentaries, customer service support, social media content creation, film narration, game voice, podcasts, audiobooks, and voice cloning. With its effective, time, and cost-saving feature, it has succeeded to achieve more than 5,000 active users in no time. Speechmax is an artificial intelligence-based text to speech online platform that allows the user to generate audio from their written Hindi texts easily. Speechmax easily and conveniently converts the Hindi written scripts into human-like soundings in less than a minute. Speechmax is a perfect tool to produce real male / female voices in various narrative genres. Speechmax has been founded by the three people who are working together on SI speech technology since 2017 - Chakrapani Mishra (IIT, Bombay), Anant Tripathi (IIT, Kharagpur), and Diwakar Mishra (Purdue, USA). According to the three of the founders, "Speechmax will prove to be useful to a large extent for Hindi content creators. The goal of the Speechmax company will be to target the 'next billion' people in the times to come." Click here:- text to speech online free | text to voice online | text to speech mp3

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