I'm interested in being a lawyer/linguist with the EU. What are the requirements for passing the competition?

Do you need professional experience in a law firm? Also, do you need a particular language?

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  • Charlotte · 7 years ago


    Thanks for your email, great to hear you are interested in applying to be a lawyer linguist - it is a really great role! 

    For the LL profile, you need to have perfect command of one European language and a thorough command of at least 2 others, in addition to a law degree. Previous experience of translating legal texts and additional languages are an asset too. 

    You don't need experience in a law firm, and as for the language, the requirements will change depending on the language needs of the institution recruiting. 

    Lawyer linguist selections can be launched at any time throughout the year, although publication tends to be either in spring or autumn. You'll see there is a LL competition this year http://europa.eu/epso/apply/jobs/index_en.htm for candidates with BG/ES/FR/IT languages. 

    Best of luck with your future applications!

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