If you get through to the EU concours assessment centre, what sort of things should you be working on/preparing beforehand?

Should you be preparing specific language vocab, for example?

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  • Charlotte · 7 years ago


    Thanks for your email. Great to hear you are thinking about ways to prepare for the various assessment stages of the concours.

    Once you have applied online and verified your email, you will be invited to sit the first stage of assessment, the computer based testing. 

    My advice would be to concentrate on this section first, as the assessment centre is still a long way away and the big sift of candidates is done at the CBT stage.

    You'll be tested on verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning in language 1, and situational judgement on language 2. 

    Sample tests can be found here: http://europa.eu/epso/apply/sample_test/index_en.htm

    Best of luck!

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