If I were to buy a straight flight (which is pricier) as opposed to a connecting one, would the travel grant cover it?

The student finance England travel grant covers the most economical flights, so not sure if choosing a straight flight as opposed to one with layovers is eligible for a refund (after the £303). Thanks!

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  • Ben SFE · 7 years ago


    The easy answer is....

    There are no particular guidelines re selecting flights, however, students must ensure they buy the most cost effective tickets using the most economical and practical form of transport. 

    For example, buying standard economy class instead of first-class tickets. 

    So if there was a flight available with multi stop-overs that was less expensive than a direct economy flight costing more, then we would usually suggest a student takes the cheaper option of the multi stop over.

    It also really depends on what was available at the time of booking.

    If you need more....

    You could select a more expensive option but that might not fall into the policy rules and you could have to make up the difference yourself.

    'SLC must be satisfied that all costs are necessarily and reasonably incurred. Costs claimed but not allowed will simply be deducted.'

    E.g. An English domiciled student who paid £1,000 for a flight to the USA when the economy fare would have been £450 has assessed costs of £450 - £303 = £147 travel grant available towards the flight.

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