If I am currently on a three year degree, how do i go about switching my degree to a four year degree with a year abroad?

I am currently attending the university of Chester and am about to go into my second year, but over the summer I have decided that I would really like to do a year abroad in third year at a university in America. The subjects I am studying are Psychology and sociology. Seeing as this is a recent choice my course is currently specified for only three years. How can I change this into a four year course with a year abroad in America? Is it best to just ask the university itself if I am able to do a third year in America or is there a different procedure for this?

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  • Global Graduates · 7 years ago


    We would always advise talking to your course tutor/study abroad about your options for studying abroad. You can also go to your university Study Abroad/Erasmus+/International team for advice on how best to proceed.

    Good luck!

    The TYA Team

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