How to make friends during an internship?

Hey doing an internship in France (Grenoble) for 8 months and wondered if it would be okay for me to tag along to the local uni Erasmus events? Otherwise how do you recommend meeting new people on the year abroad (sorry if this is an obvious question but it has played on my mind for a while!)

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  • Emma · 6 years ago


    I did a work placement on my year abroad in Spain (British Council assistantship), and found that a really good way of meeting some new travel buddies was through an evening Spanish course for foreigners. It kept my grammar up whilst I was also socialising with people in the same situation as me (and who had the same level of Spanish, so wanted to communicate in that!).

    To meet Spanish people, I went weekly to a local couchsurfing group's meet up, as well as volunteering with a couple of different charities. I never met another foreigner volunteering there, and through working with refugees and in the local hospital I got to see a totally different side of the country and culture. If that's not your thing, look for groups where you can do things that you currently do at home or at your university and I'm sure you'll be able to find everything from sports teams to community orchestras or choirs. Ask your colleagues at work for advice if you get stuck!

    Further to that, conversation exchanges are another great way to meet people. I met up with a couple of people for one having been put in touch with them by someone I worked with, but there are also websites where you can find people looking to learn English.

    And yes, whilst I never did so myself, the local ESN group where I was located seemed to have no problem with people who were students (or even recent graduates) signing up and joining in without actually studying.

    I hope that was helpful. :) Good luck and don't worry about it - everyone manages to meet people in the end!


  • Anonymous Answer · 6 years ago

    I have just finished a traineeship in Germany with the British Council. I made friends initially by mixing with the local international student community. 

    My advice would be to check and sign up to the Facebook events for international and local students in the town. This could be pub quiz's or similar, club nights, sports events etc.! 

    To second the comment above, good luck! Great friends will fall into place somehow :) 

  • sitira williams · 6 years ago


    I think that the best way to meet friends is to be out of your comfort zone even more by joining the gym, going to events, church, festivals, partys, joining groups on fb and including yourself. Untill you include yourself you will not be included and find it even more harder to meet and make friends. I have fount my experience abroad the most challenging in this area and going out there to meet people is the best thing you can do, in the most wierd crazy places you would have never thought.

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