How should I go about finding accommodation?

Any accommodation advice specifically relating to the area surrounding the University of Bologna would be most helpful, as that's where I'll be studying next year through the Erasmus scheme. However, any general advice is also much appreciated!

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  • Anonymous Answer · 8 years ago

    I stayed in Forlì which is one of the campuses about 1 hour away from Bologna and found my flat through A lot of people who go to Italy though tend to wait until they arrive and stay in a hostel for a couple of days whilst they flat hunt. Italian unis always have notice boards full of adverts for spare rooms going in student flats. 

  • Ben Hayward · 8 years ago

    I used the SAIS/Bussola office on via Zamboni, the main University road. Most spare rooms in the city are posted on the walls and notice boards along via Zamboni and surrounding Piazza Verdi, the main student hangouts. You can't miss them when you get there, because there are 100s. If you do the second option, it will be cheaper, but make sure you sign a contract for all sorts of legal reasons. You won't really be able to sort anything out until you arrive, as the Italians aren't that organised and during the summer most students aren't in Bologna and it's a bit if a ghost city. I would suggest arriving early September to get the best choice of rooms, even though Uni doesn't start until almost a month later.

  • Lucy Gaunt · 8 years ago

    When I studied in Forli in 2010, I found accommodation through the students association in Forli, Koiné. They were so welcoming, they even took me for dinner at their friends house on my first night because it was too late to get any supplies! 

    Have a look on their website here: 

    Look under 'Servizi' and click on 'CercAlloggi'. 

  • Ethan R Wilkinson · 8 years ago

    I studied in Valencia, Spain and did an internship in Milan, Italy and for both cities I used Although AirBNB is primarily used for people wanting to find accommodation for holiday or short city breaks, there are hosts who accept long-term guests. In my situation I was able to find very high-quality accommodation in both cities for 5/6 months. Paying through AirBNB guaranteed protection and insurance and a contract (in English). I probably ended up paying more but I had guaranteed accommodation before I arrived!

    If you need any further information please just ask.

    If you use my AirBNB link here you will get some credit towards your stay.

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