How much money will I need to study abroad in Canada?

I'll have access to the basic UK student finance loan, however I already struggle to live off of this amount. How much money does it typically cost to study in the US/Canada for a year? I already have a part time job just want an idea of how much I should aim to save. Thank you!

This question was asked by Lora Evans from The University of Sussex , asked on 10th February 2016 and has been read 3599 times.

  • Mike Davis · 7 years ago

    I did my year abroad in France in 2012-13, but have been living in Montreal for two years now studying for my MA and now my PhD.

    With the excellent pound sterling to Canadian dollar exchange rate (almost 2$ for £1 you can get pretty far on not a lot of money). In Montreal $1000 a month is enough for me to live pretty comfortably, sharing an apartment and bills, . Cost of living is much less than the UK, or is at least comparable but in dollars instead of pounds (eg a coffee is 2-3$ not £2-3). Obviously bigger cities like Toronto and Vancouver are more expensive than other provincial ones. I have little experience outside of Quebec however.

    The other factor is university fees. I am at McGill and the international fees are about triple the regular Canadian/Quebec rates. Definitely research this and look at ways of getting a Differential Fee Waiver through your university of through them to bring you down to affordable rates.

    Hope that helps!

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