How much is the Erasmus grant for a year in Paris? How much will it cover?

I want to study in Paris for a year as part of an Erasmus exchange. How much will my grant be and will it be enough to cover my time there. If not, what advice can you give me for earning a bit extra to cover the costs? How much should I be expecting to spend per month in this city?

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  • Joachim Whaley · 8 years ago

    You should receive 400 Euro per month and you should also be eligible for the usual student loans etc. The combination should provide you with enough to survive. The cost of living in Paris is about 25% cheaper than in London. If you want to earn more, then part-time work is relatively easy to find once you are there. Ask other (French) students; find out how you can give English lessons; ask around in shops etc.

    It should be possible for you to have a great time, even if you don't have too much money - good luck!

  • Sarah Schechter · 8 years ago

    Having a part-time job can be a brilliant way of immersing yourself in the language and culture and meeting people.

  • Minna Jalili · 7 years ago

    The Erasmus grant is different based on universities. I studied in France and did my Erasmus in London, where I got 1000€ for the year, not much. Some of my French Erasmus friends got more. I had Spanish Erasmus friends in my university who got 700€ a month! It also depends on your family situation I think.

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