How important is the personal statement when applying for a Language Assistantship?

I'm currently applying to be a Language Assistant in Spain starting in September 2016, and was wondering how important the personal statement was? I have already chosen my first, second and third choice regions and specified my preferred teaching environment, but I'm curious to know how much influence the personal statement has over where I will eventually be placed, and what I should do to make it stand out and get placed where I want to be. Thank you!

This question was asked by Christie Bainbridge from The University of Liverpool , asked on 16th February 2016 and has been read 2183 times.

  • Sam · 7 years ago

    Hi Christie!

    Remember that this is a job application, and that you should sell yourself using examples and evidence in order to convince us of your suitability for the programme. If you do that I'm sure you will submit a great application!In the statement section you can let us know if there is a certain reason why you need to be in a specific location. You can also use this space to show off any research you have carried out relating to the area. There are a large number of posts in Spain, so we hope to match preferences wherever possible to the posts available.

    Good luck!

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