How feasible is it that I would pass a competition straight after graduating?

I'm interested in applying for the Generalist role this month but not sure whether I need more experience? I study languages.

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  • Charlotte · 7 years ago

    Perfectly feasible!

    The currently open AD5 generalist concours is aimed at graduates. Your success is not based on previous experience but rather how well you do during the various assessment rounds (computer based testing, assessment centres etc). 

    It is a competitive process, but if you meet the eligibility criteria you have as much chance as anyone at succeeding. 

    Have a look at the sample tests here: as they will give you an indication of the standard - they aren't too difficult, but you will need a very high mark so it is worth practicing if you are planning to apply.

    Best of luck with your applications - definitely give it a go! 

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