How does your university assess your Year Abroad?

As part of a project, I'm trying to find out how the Year Abroad is assessed in UK Universities. In your answer, can you please give me the name of your university, tell me whether you are on a study or work placement and whether you find the way you are assessed useful (and why). Thank you very much! You can answer anonymously of course! Thanks again.

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  • Anonymous Answer · 6 years ago

    1000 word report in German on experiences as a language assistant and difficulties faced.

    Maynooth University, Ireland

    Language Assistant

    Yes I find it useful as it allows students to reflect on their year and also assess their language skills.

  • Lucy Carr · 6 years ago

    At Southampton university, all language students have to complete a 6,000 word research project in the target language, so for example I was a language assistant in France so I carried out interviews and questionnaires at my school to find out how error correction is handled in the MFL classroom but you can do it on whatever you like. At the time it was a lot of hassle but in the end I was glad they made us do it because it looks impressive on my CV 

  • Fiona Scott · 6 years ago

    University of Strathclyde. 12 month work placement in the chemical industry as part of an integrated masters chemistry degree. It's quite off-hand really. I have a uni supervisor and a placement supervisor who communicate with each other and myself. 2 reports: a lit review marked by my uni supervisor and a project dissertation marked by my placement supervisor, also skim-read and grade agreed by my uni supervisor due to its confidential nature. Uni supervisor came to visit me for an afternoon at the start and end of the placement. Placement supervisor also graded various skills I had acquired during my time with the company. I think it's a good system with the people at the company primarily assessing me with the uni supervisor making sure they aren't being to hard or too lenient.

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