How do you secure an appartment in france without a french guarantor?

So I've been reading online that you need a french guarantor to be able to rent a place for a year in France. I am doing a year abroad as part of my french degree and hope to go to Grenoble. However I don't want to houseshare as I live with my boyfriend (who's account i am on now) and my dog and it wouldn't really be ideal for house sharing and we have the money to rent somewhere of our own for the year but not the french guarantor.... if we paid up front for the year would they waiver the need for a guarantor? Or are there any ways that the universities can act as a guarantor? - I will be coming from the university of Kent in the UK. Any help would be great thankyou!

This question was asked by Megan Daniel from The University of Kent , asked on 14th May 2015 and has been read 7339 times.

  • Rosie Paul · 7 years ago

    You'll get around not having a French guarantor if you rent privately - your landlord might just ask for a couple of months of rent in advance. Agencies are the worst for letting you rent without a French guarantor - I've not met anyone in Grenoble who has managed to rent through an agency without someone who earns money in France!! That said, I did manage to rent an apartment in a private student residence in my first year - but I had to pay 6 months of rent in advance. The best advice is to find a flat that you like then see what they want/accept - each private landlord will be different.. I'd avoid agencies though, not worth the stress and the paperwork for just a year. 

  • j.austen22 · 7 years ago

    There is also company in France that will provide guarantor services to US/UK students studying abroad.  I have a friend using them and she said they're pretty easy to work with.  They're called The Guarantree.

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