How do you make your new apartment abroad homely with such a small luggage allowance?

I'm a bit worried about homesickness but making my room homely would make it easier I think. Does anyone have advice?

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  • Jennifer Meehan · 8 years ago

    Hi there! I was incredibly homesick when I first arrived, and my room was soooo different to my room at home that making it seem "homely" seemed impossible - but after a few weeks, it became "home" in it's own foreign way (:

    My advice would be little things that you are going to take anyway, take a teddy bear or something if you can fit it, take your favourite set of bedclothes that remind you of home. How about making a folder of photos on your laptop and then use the snapfish of your relevant country and have them printed off and sent to you, that way you don't have to print them off before hand and have them take up room? 

  • Lydia Marston · 8 years ago

    I felt the same, I hate bare walls. So when I was packing I put in 2 big colourful scarves that I normally have on my wall- they folded up really small, and can take up a lot of that bare wall space. 

  • Florence Robson · 8 years ago

    When I first arrived, I bought a couple of newspapers and magazines and tore out any cool adverts/photos and just covered my walls with them, as well as photos from home that I'd bought. I then decided to create a 'year abroad' wall in my room. I bought postcards and city maps from every place I visited stuck them up, along with photos, small posters, adverts and handwritten notes. By the end of the year, the wall was covered and it was an amazing reminder of what I'd done and achieved! I also got my travel buddies to write little notes or anecdotes from each trip on a relevant postcard. That way, when I was feeling down, I could look through them and they'd make me smile :)

  • Bogi Szabo · 8 years ago

    You can buy things to decorate your room in your new country - candles, bunting, posters, which don't cost a lot of money and can be thrown away at the end of the year. Print off photos of your friends and family to stick up around your room :)

  • Lauren Stevens · 8 years ago

    I love writing letters and postcards, so I sent some to my friends and family and I received some replies. I stuck them all over my wardbrobe with blu tac, which added some life to my room and reminded me of everybody who cares when I felt alone.

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