How do you handle a pregnancy when you're on a year abroad?

I've just found out I'm pregnant which means I am due on my year abroad. I have been thinking of giving up and staying in the UK but I'm worried that it would mean sacrificing my degree. I have no idea what support is out their for parents on a year abroad or whether my university would allow me to postpone it for a year. Has anyone been through something similar?

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  • Joachim Whaley · 5 years ago

    I've obviously not been through this myself but over the years I've advised several students who have. Don't give up: talk to your university first. Giving birth abroad and then looking after an infant is very tough, probably not really feasible. Your best option would be to postpone your year abroad or to ask your university whether you could take a year out of study and have an exemption from the year abroad. Both of those things should be possible.

    Whatever you decide to do, I hope things go well. You need to think of your child but you also need to think about your own future as well. Completing your degree will give you more options in the future. Good luck.

  • Sarah Schechter · 5 years ago

    I think it'll also depend on how much support you have. You don't say whether you're travelling alone or not. I had our first 2 children whilst I was an UG. everyone thought we were crazy but we were doing what we wanted to do (we wanted to start a family and I didn't want to give up my degree). Whatever happens you'll need to check out all the medical side of things too before making your decision

    Whatever you decide, good luck with it all!

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