How do you cope with having a long-term medical condition in Switzerland (or Europe in general!)?

Hello everyone, I know this is a very specific question, but if anyone's been to Europe in general and has some advice, I'd still be grateful to hear it! Basically, I have epilepsy, and I'm heading to my year abroad in Geneva this September. I was just wondering if anyone had a similar experience, and if there was any advice you could give me. Particular questions: How much medication could you take with you at one time? Did you have to find a place to get it in Switzerland, and what did you have to do to get that? Is there any extra insurance/forms you have to fill out to register any medical conditions? Did you go and see a specialist while you were there, and what was that like to organise?

This question was asked by Ceri Pollard from The University of East Anglia , asked on 2nd June 2015 and has been read 1633 times.

  • Global Graduates · 7 years ago

    Hi Ceri,

    There is an article on that addresses studying abroad with an illness.

    Hopefully there are some tips that can help you!

    The TYA Team

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